I participate in the Podsafe Music Network, and as a result have been played on a variety podcasts, including:

Sound effect producer, No Agenda Show episode 401, 4/19/12.

Cosmic Rag, performed with the University of California, San Diego Jazz Ensemble around 1983. Robert Willey, composer, piano, conductor. The Eclectic Collection - A Music Show for People With Eclectic Tastes ECP#15 (Minnesota), 6/24/06.

A Game of Statues on Shaman Drums on 5/29/09

All That Matters Is You, The New Wave #41 (Netherlands), 10/21/06. Spanishbay Suji  #9 (Japan), 4/19/07.

As We Were Singing, The New Wave #43 (Netherlands), 9/11/06. Shaman Drums 6/13/09.

Out of the Blue, The New Wave #44 (Netherlands), 9/22/06. Arts and Healing Network series intro and outro theme music (California), 4/07. Sunrise Yoga Podcast 6/3/10 and1/28/10.

Little Boy. Kata Tjuta - Aussie Clips (California), 5/1/07.

Written in Umbrellas. Abiko-suji - SUJI Clilps #13 (Japan), 5/1/07. Aussie Clips #4, 5/7/07; Sounds of Silence Restaurant, 5/13/07

Into the Blue played and described on Inside Home Recording episode #42 (Canada), 5/27/07.

Somersault of Thought played on Night Guy Electronica 31, 4/29/08.

Welcome to Angelle Hall (Finland) 4/13/10

Winter Solstice heard on Mental Nomad Podcast (Tennessee), 12/18/07, Dancing Mattress (Tennessee), 12/18//07 and 11/19/2008. Sunrose Yoga Podcast, 3/27/10.

You Can Only Be So Cosmic discussed on Project Studio Network episode #86, 9/26/07. Played on Michael Angel’s Cosmic Grab Bag (Texas) 3/27/10.

Yucatan on San Rafael on 7/9/07.


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